3rd Side Slim Brings "Last Of A Dying Breed" to Street Barz

3rd Side Slim, hailing from Deltona Florida, a city withing the Daytona Beach region, embodies the essence of raw, unfiltered hip-hop. Raised in the tough streets of "3rd Side," his stage name pays homage to his roots and the mentor who christened him "Slim" due to his stature. Influenced by icons like 2Pac and Soulja Slim, 3rd Side Slim's music reflects the harsh realities and resilience of his upbringing. His versatile style adapts to any beat, delivering gritty storytelling and blunt truths that resonate with authenticity.

In his latest track, "Last Of A Dying Breed," 3rd Side Slim unleashes slick trap talk that cuts deep. This song is more than just bars; it's a testament to his unique perspective and experiences. With a blend of gritty lyricism and unapologetic delivery, 3rd Side Slim captures the essence of his upbringing and defines what it means to be the last of a dying breed in the rap game. Get ready to witness the unfiltered truth as 3rd Side Slim takes the mic on Street Barz.