50 Cent Continues to Troll Diddy Amidst Legal Troubles and Past Controversies

In recent weeks, Diddy has emerged as the primary target of 50 Cent's attention. After openly accusing Diddy of involvement in Tupac's murder and engaging in public spats over his events, Fifty has once again taken to trolling Diddy on social media. This time, Fifty shared an archived video from one of his tours with T.I in 2007. In the footage, T.I introduces two surprise guests on stage: Diddy and Jay-Z. As the Bad Boy boss stands before the audience, he playfully taps Hov's posterior multiple times.

Following the announcement of a lawsuit by Cassie against Diddy for allegations of rape and violence, 50 Cent has persistently ridiculed Puff. Despite the relatively swift resolution between the singer and her former boyfriend, Fifty maintains a skeptical stance. In a now-deleted Instagram post, the ex-G-Unit boss remarked, "he really dropped the cash real quick," insinuating guilt from his perspective. On Twitter, he posted an image with the caption, "if I send you this, it means I want my money before tomorrow. I won't wait until Monday," accompanied by the G-Unit merch site. Amidst the various controversies enveloping Diddy recently, Fifty finds numerous reasons to sport a sly grin.