AG Lotti Brings Fort Myers Flavor with "Same Sh*t"

AG Lotti, hailing from Fort Myers, Florida, is making waves with his versatile musical style that blends elements of Meek Mill, Future, and Kodak Black. The name AG comes from Auto Gang, a rap group symbolizing the idea of being on "auto" in life—doing everything automatically and effortlessly. Influenced by the daily sights and sounds of his hometown, AG Lotti brings a unique lingo and perspective to his music. His journey into music began when friends encouraged him to give it a try, and the positive feedback he received fueled his passion. With Future as a major influence, AG Lotti aims to create versatile vibes that resonate with his listeners.

In this episode of Street Barz Performance, AG Lotti will light up the streets with his track, "Same Sh*t". This song delivers an up-tempo vibe, capturing the essence of everyday street life. It's a raw and authentic anthem that showcases AG Lotti's ability to adapt to any beat and deliver diverse styles and flows. Tune in to witness his powerful performance and experience the real, unfiltered bars that embody the spirit of Street Barz.