AlpineC4 Takes the Mic for Street Barz for his Explosive Shaolin's Performance

Watch AlpineC4 perform Shaolin for Street Barz

Brace yourselves for an electrifying episode of Street Barz Performance, where the streets are set ablaze by the explosive talent of AlpineC4. This former college football dynamo, straight out of the Alpine hood, is about to redefine the essence of bars, taking his unique style and relentless passion for music to unprecedented heights.

Originating from the heat-soaked streets of Miami, FL, AlpineC4's roots extend from Carol City to Broward, drawing inspiration from the raw energy of his hometown. Discovered by A&R guru Aubrey Banks in Atlanta, AlpineC4's musical journey kicked off, transforming him into a lyrical force that encapsulates the very spirit of the streets. Refusing to be confined to a specific style, AlpineC4 rides the waves of energy, blending influences from the Bruce Lee Roy theme to the roots embedded in his family, with cousin Calton Coffie serving as a significant source of inspiration.

Hold on tight as AlpineC4 prepares to detonate sonic grenades with two upcoming singles in January and March, unveiling the Bruce Lee Roy theme. Alongside, the music video for "Gotta Eat" is set to make waves in January. What sets AlpineC4 apart is not just his lyrical prowess but also his dynamic dance moves and crazy energy, giving the streets a taste of something truly unique. Beyond the mic, AlpineC4 finds solace in the skate park, mastering the art of the pool, and exploring his creativity beyond music. In the heart of "Shaolin," AlpineC4's upcoming single, get ready to witness the streets come alive as his explosive bars redefine the very essence of urban music culture.