Bronx Flows in the 305: Kennie Dubb Unleashes '305 VIBE' on Street Barz

Today, we've got a Bronx-born artist who's about to drop some serious bars—Kennie Dubb.

Kennie Dubb brings the fire of the Bronx streets to his music, and his stage name carries a story of its own. Dubb, often mistaken for other definitions, is a nod to the "W" in his last name, adding a personal touch to his identity.

Hailing from the concrete jungle of the Bronx, New York, Kennie Dubb credits his hometown for infusing his music with an edge. The eclectic mix of genres and styles in his sound mirrors the diversity of this melting pot city, where his roots run deep.

So, how did Kennie Dubb dive into the world of music? It all started with constant immersion, soaking in the sounds of his favorite artists who paved the way before him. His musical journey began with a deep appreciation for the craft.

Describing his style as fun, chill, high-energy, rebellious, and motivating, Kennie Dubb is a force to be reckoned with. His influences? Well, he's not one to follow the herd, but aspects of Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Jay Z, and Biggie have left their mark on his artistic DNA.

As we tune into Kennie Dubb's Street Barz Performance, get ready for a taste of his unique musical style—eclectic and chameleon-like, blending seamlessly into various genres with his own distinctive vibe.

What sets Kennie Dubb apart? He's not just a musician; he's a lone wolf who spends most of his time in solitude, observing the world from a distance and incorporating those experiences into his music. This introspective approach brings a depth to his art that resonates with those who connect with his vibe.

And now, brace yourselves for the performance of the day—Kennie Dubb is set to unleash his 305 VIBE freestyle. The main theme? Keeping it light, no deep conversations, just soaking in the vibe with a love interest. The 305, an ode to Miami, where the women, the weather, and the visual for the song all come together in a harmonious blend.