Burna Boy Unleashes Spectacle in His Latest Video, "Giza," Featuring Seyi Vibez

In a visually stunning creation directed by TG Omori, Burna Boy takes center stage in the vibrant music video for his latest hit, "Giza," featuring the talented Seyi Vibez.

The video kicks off with an intense scene of two young men engaging in swordplay within a gladiator ring, setting the stage for an action-packed narrative that unfolds in the lively streets of an Egyptian city.

As the beats of "Giza" resonate, the captivating visuals capture the essence of the song's energetic vibe. Spectators and enthusiastic party-goers become part of the spectacle, turning the Egyptian streets into a dynamic backdrop for the musical journey.

The lyrics echo through the scene: "Take me picture / Five hours ago from camera roll / Yanga yo Sangah / Komi de komi, komi ah roll, ah." The infectious rhythm and Burna Boy's charismatic performance make "Giza" an unforgettable addition to his repertoire.

This track is just one of the standout pieces from Burna Boy's latest album, "I Told Them…," which boasts a star-studded lineup featuring collaborations with industry heavyweights such as J.Cole, 21 Savage, Dave, and Byron Messiah.

Experience the magic as Burna Boy and Seyi Vibez join forces in "Giza," a visual and auditory spectacle that combines top-tier talent and creative direction for an unmissable music video.