BUSTA FREE Takes Over Street Barz with 'Track Hawk'

Watch BUSTA FREE performing "Track Hawk" on Street Barz:

Today, we introduce you to the one and only, BUSTA FREE, a name that resonates with the spirit of Tupac Shakur, a man whose influence courses through his veins. Hailing from the 305, Dade County, BUSTA FREE grew up in the midst of Miami's fast-paced lifestyle, where the tales of hustlers and drug dealers became the soundtrack of his youth. It's no wonder that this environment shaped his unique musical style, a mix of 2Pac, Eightball & MJG, and a sprinkle of Trick Daddy - a sound that's undeniably Miami, raw, and unapologetically street.

For BUSTA FREE, music was destiny from the start. His innate talent as a poet and creator set him on a path that he couldn't resist, turning his words into the kind of bars that make hip-hop legends proud.

But what sets BUSTA FREE apart is not just his style, but his story. No one has walked in his shoes, witnessed his pain, or felt the spirit that courses through his music. His independence and boss mentality, much like Master P, Young Dolph, 50 Cent, and Birdman, drive him to keep pushing boundaries.

So, what's in store for the streets with BUSTA FREE? He doesn't like to reveal all his cards just yet, but one thing is certain - he's here to shake up the game, and he wants you to be part of the movement.

In today's performance on Street Barz, BUSTA FREE is taking us on a ride with his track "Track Hawk." It's a glimpse into the life of Bustafree, a day in the life of a true street storyteller, unapologetic and unfiltered.

What keeps BUSTA FREE motivated in this journey? It's the faces he sees on the streets, the fans asking for new music at the corner store, and the belief that he is the face of Miami, holding up the city with his art.

Beyond the music, BUSTA FREE is a hustler in every sense. He's a man who embraces the streets, lives the stories, and brings them to life with every line he spits.

So, if you're ready to witness unfiltered, unapologetic bars that define the streets, stay tuned for the electrifying performance by BUSTA FREE on Street Barz.


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