Cam’ron's 'It Is What It Is' Freestyle (Video)

Cam’ron Unleashes Rhyme Mastery on D’Angelo’s “Cruisin’” Instrumental to Kick Off New Podcast Season

Every so often, the podcast realm gets a vivid reminder that the legendary rapper, Cam’ron, is not just a charismatic host but a powerhouse of rap talent. Since his last musical venture in 2022 with A-Trak titled "U Wasn’t There," Killa has been keeping his lyrical prowess razor-sharp. He seamlessly blends humor and freestyling in the vibrant world of sports discourse with his colleagues Ma$e and Treasure Wilson on the unconventional "talk" show, ‘It Is What It Is.’

As the third season of the show unfolds, listeners were treated to a special moment as Cam’ron took the stage, or rather, the microphone, to deliver a few minutes of lyrical finesse. The chosen canvas for his verbal artistry? None other than the instrumental of D’Angelo’s modern classic cover of Smokey Robinson’s timeless hit, “Cruisin’.”

It's a truly exceptional gem, as Cam’ron weaves his rhymes over the smooth backdrop of D’Angelo’s rendition, creating a unique blend of old-school vibes and contemporary rap artistry. The podcast episode becomes an audio canvas where Cam’ron's talent shines brightly, reminding the audience that beneath the podcast persona lies an artist with a wealth of musical brilliance.

In this musical detour, fans witness Cam’ron’s ability to seamlessly transition between hosting banter and the raw, unfiltered expression of his rap prowess. The freestyle not only pays homage to the soulful roots of D’Angelo’s cover but also showcases the versatility of an artist whose creativity knows no bounds.

As fans eagerly anticipate new musical projects from Cam’ron, his occasional forays into freestyling on the podcast serve as delightful appetizers, keeping the anticipation alive. The third season of ‘It Is What It Is’ kicks off with a bang, setting the tone for what promises to be a captivating blend of sports commentary, humor, and, of course, unexpected lyrical brilliance from the one and only Cam’ron.