Chris Brown Unleashes Double Dose of Musical Magic with 11:11 - His Eleventh Studio Album

In a musical double-play, Chris Brown sets the stage ablaze with the release of his eleventh studio album, 11:11.

This double-sided masterpiece boasts a grand total of 22 tracks, showcasing the R&B sensation's unparalleled talent. Side A kicks off with 11 mesmerizing tracks, including the Afro-Beat-infused sensation "Sensational" featuring Davido and LoJay, as well as the soulful "Nightmares" featuring Byron Messia. The sonic journey continues with hits like "Press Me," "Feel Something," "Shooter," and "Very Special," among others.

On the flip side, Side B takes the spotlight with the summer anthem "Summer Too Hot," setting the tone for an unforgettable experience. The rhythm doesn't stop as the album unfolds with tracks like "Midnight Freak," "Make Up Ya Mind," "Stutter," "Red Flags," and "Closer," promising a musical adventure.

11:11 marks a triumphant return for Chris Brown, being his first studio album since the much-acclaimed Breezy from the previous year. Since then, the multifaceted artist has lent his musical prowess to numerous collaborations, gracing tracks with the likes of Chloe and Ciara, as well as joining forces with Ty Dolla Sign and Tee Grizzley, among a plethora of other talented artists.

With 11:11, Chris Brown invites fans into a world of musical mastery, where each track is a testament to his enduring artistry. This double-sided album is a testament to his unwavering commitment to delivering diverse and unforgettable musical experiences.

Tracklist "11:11":

1    Angel Numbers / Ten Toes
2    Sensational (Ft. Davido & Lojay)
3    Press Me
4    That's On You (Ft. Future)
5    Feel Something
6    Best Ever (Ft. Maeta)
7    No One Else (Ft. Fridayy)
8    Shooter
9    Nightmares (Ft. Byron Messia)
10    Very Special
11    Messed Up
12    Midnight Freak
13    Moonlight
14    Bouncing / G5
15    Make Up Your Mind
16    Stutter
17    Need a Friend
18    Summer Too Hot
19    Feelings Don't Lie
20    Red Flags
21    Closer