Clash of Titans: NBA YoungBoy Fires Back at Joe Budden's Criticism with a Stack of Cash

In a recent episode of his podcast, controversial host Joe Budden didn't hold back on his thoughts about the music of Baton Rouge rapper NBA YoungBoy. Budden went as far as labeling it "horrible" and declaring, "that n*gga is trash."

Unfazed by the criticism, YoungBoy took to his social media to respond in a manner true to his style. Holding up a substantial stack of money, he fired back at Budden, stating defiantly, "My album still in the top ten, pssy ass ngga. Don’t speak on me. I don’t play that sht. Don’t rat on me either, you pssy b*tch." He even went as far as inviting Budden to a face-to-face conversation.

The feud didn't end there, as industry veteran Birdman entered the fray, cautioning Budden that he was involved in something he might want to steer clear of. The exchange adds another layer to the ongoing dynamics within the hip-hop community, leaving fans eager to see how this clash unfolds.