CyHi Unveils Visuals for Latest Hit 'Mr. Put That Shit On'

After dropping his latest single, "Mr. Put That Shit On," a few weeks ago, CyHi has now released the accompanying music video, showcasing his creative direction in a self-directed clip.

The video is set on a farm, with CyHi portraying a scarecrow tactfully affixed to a cross. It also features scenes of a jheri-curled host navigating the red carpet of an award show and an interview reminiscent of The Joe Budden Podcast.

In the midst of these visually captivating scenes, CyHi's lyrics stand out. With lines like, "Amiri, Yves Saint Laurent coat, side note / Must be on heroin thinking they don’t fear the God flow," he delivers a distinctive style. The chorus, enhanced by Push (who doesn't appear in the video), reinforces the song's impact.

CyHi drops references to notable names in the fashion and entertainment industry, further adding to the song's allure. "Virgil Abloh, I’m rocking on Aeropostale / Nigo, Kenzo, model, Phoebe, I don’t follow / I wear Riccardo, got Tisci inside my cargo / Fendi button down, they thought I was Pablo in Narcos," he raps, showcasing his fashion-forward and culturally aware lyrical prowess.

"Mr. Put That Shit On" serves as a preview of what's to come from CyHi's highly-anticipated album, 'The Story of Mr. EGOT,' marking the artist's return after his 2017 release, 'No Dope On Sundays.' Fans can expect a continuation of CyHi's signature storytelling and lyrical depth, making this upcoming album one to watch out for.