DJ Premier Unleashes Revamped "In Moe" Instrumental with Common's Thought-Provoking Bars

DJ Premier, the renowned producer, breathes new life into his previously released instrumental track, "In Moe," by teaming up with the iconic lyricist, Common.

Secluded in the studio with this legendary producer, Common graces the smooth instrumental with his introspective verses. On the mic, he questions, "Yea, a lot of speculation about the things that I said / Is he coming off the head? / Is he that high level that his third eye red?" Continuing with poignant reflection, he adds, "I know we used to love her / Is it true that he really cared? / Did he become a great actor when hip hop was dead?"

The original rendition of this track found its place on DJ Premier's recent instrumental album, "Beats That Collected Dust, Vol. 3," showcasing 18 unreleased beats from the maestro's collection. This revamped collaboration between DJ Premier and Common adds a layer of depth to the already captivating instrumental, promising an immersive experience for fans of both artists.