Exclusive Auction: Tupac and Biggie's Arrest Papers Revealed

In a unique and exclusive auction, Momentsintime.com, one of the nation's premier memorabilia dealers, is offering never-before-seen photographs of the arrests of legendary hip-hop icons Tupac Shakur and Biggie. The auction features a trove of historical items, including fingerprint cards and, astonishingly, previously unseen identification photos of 2Pac and his prison ID from the same year, with each piece commanding a staggering $225,000.

Tupac's signed fingerprint card showcases a black and white identification photo, revealing the rapper under his legal name, Lesane Parish Crooks. This particular card originates from his 1995 arrest for sexual assault against a fan named Ayanna Jackson. Despite being found guilty, Tupac served only nine months of his one-and-a-half-year sentence before being released.

Biggie's signed fingerprint card displays a black and white identification photo of the late Brooklyn rapper, identified by his real name, Christopher Wallace. The card stems from his June 1995 arrest in Philadelphia, based on a warrant from Camden, for allegedly breaking a man's jaw and stealing his mobile phone, jewelry, and pager.

These artifacts add to the list of Tupac's auctioned possessions over the years, which include notable items such as his gold and ruby ring with a diamond-studded crown, famously purchased by Drake for a cool $1 million in August 2023. This auction not only unveils unprecedented glimpses into the legal histories of hip-hop legends but also offers enthusiasts a chance to own a piece of rap history.