French Montana Reveals the True Meaning Behind "Coke"

French Montana recently provided insight into the significance of "Coke" within his crew and label’s name, Coke Boyz Entertainment, during an engaging episode of Fame & Flavor. The rapper joined forces with renowned New York-based food influencer, Cugine, for a promotional stop, shedding light on the upcoming release of his project, Mac & Cheese 5.

During the episode, Cugine delved into the meaning of "flour" or "farina" in Italian, a crucial ingredient in the dish they were preparing. The conversation naturally progressed to how French Montana coined the name "Coke Boyz." In response, French explained that "Coke" in this context stands for "Creation Of Kings Everywhere."

Amidst light-hearted banter, Cugine humorously questioned, "You sure it’s not farina, farina?" playfully tapping the side of his nose. The host quipped in, reassuringly stating, "No one’s being indicted here," a reference to the recent legal development involving Young Thug's lyrics in his YSL RICO case.

The exchange gains additional significance in light of Young Thug’s recent legal proceedings, during which his lawyer disclosed that "Thug" stands for "Truly Humbled Under God." According to Thug's lawyer, Brian Steel, the name holds a deeply personal meaning for the artist, symbolizing a pact he made with himself to remain Truly Humbled Under God if he achieved success as a musical artist and helped uplift his family and others from a cycle of hopelessness.

Watch the amusing clip above for the full exchange and delve into the comprehensive discussion in the episode below. French Montana's revelations add a layer of depth to the intriguing narratives behind these artistically crafted names in the music industry.