GotitAllghetto's Electrifying Performance of 'Peek a Boo' with Vice Charles

Today, let your auditory senses revel in the vibrant lyrical world of GotitAllghetto, the Miami-bred artist whose beats resonate with the lively essence of the city's culture. Hailing from the 305, GotitAllghetto infuses the energy of Miami's streets into his performance on our Street Barz stage. The moniker "GotitAllghetto" is a straightforward reflection of the artist consistently embodying having "it all" in the ghetto – a testament to his genuine connection with the streets of Miami, where life is more than just a city; it's a lifestyle.

For GotitAllghetto, Miami is not just a backdrop but the driving force shaping his narrative. His lyrics mirror the pulsating rhythm of the city's streets, with his artistic journey ignited by familial influences. Introduced to the music scene by his cousins, GotitAllghetto discovered his passion for music organically, transforming into a formidable lyrical force. Music, for him, is an unfiltered reflection of reality, encapsulating his experiences and the dynamic world he navigates. Influenced by icons like Lil Wayne and Kanye, GotitAllghetto aspires to carve a lasting legacy in the industry, dropping singles as a teaser for what's to come while drawing inspiration from a deep brotherhood bond – a heartfelt shoutout to his "lil bro free Smurf."

Beyond the studio, GotitAllghetto delves into the world of fashion, hinting at potential ventures into modeling or establishing a fashion brand. His distinct style sets him apart, making a statement that resonates as loudly as his music. In this episode of Street Barz Performance, GotitAllghetto collaborates with Vice Charles to present "Peek a Boo," centered around the relentless grind and hustle for financial success.