HandzOn Brings Nothing But 'Real Talk' to Street Barz

Watch HandzOn perform "Real Talk" On Street Barz

For this episode, we're diving deep into the raw, unfiltered world of HandzOn, a lyricist whose verses cut through the noise of the urban landscape like a sharp blade through thick fog. Born and bred in the gritty streets of NYC, HandzOn's journey from the asphalt to the mic has been nothing short of legendary.

HandzOn, a name earned through the trials and tribulations of street life, brings a lifetime of experiences to his craft. Hailing from the birthplace of hip-hop, his music resonates with the authenticity and grit that define the essence of New York City. Influenced by the likes of 2Pac, LOX, and Rick Ross, HandzOn's style is a reflection of his roots, personal, relatable, and undeniably real.

His upcoming performance promises to be nothing short of a revelation. With his unique musical style and unwavering commitment to originality, HandzOn stands apart in a crowded landscape, carving his own path with every verse he spits. His dedication to his craft is matched only by his passion for delivering a message that transcends the confines of the streets.