Icewear Vezzo Drops Album "Live From The 6"

Icewear Vezzo Drops Highly Anticipated Album "Live From The 6" Featuring Collaborations with DaBaby and More!

Detroit's prolific rapper, Icewear Vezzo, has unveiled his latest musical masterpiece, the album "Live From The 6." This 13-track collection showcases a fresh wave of music, with standout tracks like "Perfect" featuring none other than DaBaby and the soulful anthem "I Ain't Mad At Ya," both skillfully produced by B Wolf.

The diverse lineup of songs includes captivating titles such as "Class of 2024," "Projects," "Momma Mil," "Ain't Enough," "I'm The One," and the thought-provoking "Different Day." Collaborating with fellow artists adds another layer to the album's richness, with Babyface Ray teaming up with Vezzo for the energetic "Motion (Remix)," and noteworthy contributions from YTB Fatt on "Come Outside" and Chuckie CEO on the emotionally charged "Chose Me."

"Live From The 6" follows in the footsteps of Icewear Vezzo's successful 2022 release, "Paint The City." As a trailblazer in the hip-hop scene, Vezzo continues to push artistic boundaries, delivering a mix of hard-hitting beats and profound lyrics.

In the past year, Icewear Vezzo treated fans to freebies like "Snowman," "Cream Soda," "Love In The City," and "Pouring Wok," building anticipation for the grand unveiling of "Live From The 6." With a dynamic blend of collaborations, diverse tracks, and Vezzo's signature style, this album is poised to leave an indelible mark on the rap landscape.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the musical journey of Icewear Vezzo as he takes you "Live From The 6."