Introducing CJwiththedreads on Street Barz: Talking His "SHH"

Watch CJwiththedreads in 'TALK MY SHH' on Street Barz Performance!

In today's episode we welcome one artist who's all about "bars" in the truest sense of hip-hop vocabulary.

CJwiththedreads is our name, and there's no convoluted tale behind it. It's simply because when they call me, it's CJ, the one with the dreads. Hailing from the vibrant streets of Dade, I grew up peddling my music at the flea market, with the soul of the city as my only influence, and my big brothers as my guiding stars.

Music found him when he was merely nine, his brother penning verses, and him, spitting fire. His style is an eclectic blend of influences, much like his journey in life. And speaking of influences, one artist who resonates deeply with him is Lil Baby, not just for his music but the way he's carved his own path, championing his people.

But the street's hot right now, and he's cooking up something big. On his birthday, 11/27, he'll be dropping his debut album, titled "HIM." It's the culmination of his passion, his life, and his unique style, which is all about nailing an entire track in a single take, no punches needed.

What fuels his drive? Well, it's simple – his family. He doesn't do it for himself alone; he does it for his mom and everyone around him, striving for the best. Beyond music, he's just another guy trying to have fun, with school, video games, and songwriting as his hobbies.

Today, the spotlight is on his latest track, "TALK MY SHH." The essence of the song revolves around speaking his truth, the way he's meant to, without the need for explicit language. It's about owning your narrative and letting your "bars" do the talking.

So, join us on Street Barz Performance, where the streets become a canvas, and CJwiththedreads paints a vivid portrait with his lyrical masterpieces. It's not just about music; it's about a lifestyle, a culture, and a celebration of urban artistry. Stay tuned for an unforgettable performance that'll leave you craving more "bars."


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