Is a new collaboration with Rihanna on the horizon for Nicki Minaj?

Nicki Minaj's Triumphant Return: Unleashing 'Pink Friday 2' and Teasing a Potential Rihanna Collaboration"

More than five years post the release of "Queen," Nicki Minaj reclaims the spotlight on December 8th with the grand unveiling of her fifth album, "Pink Friday 2." Comprising 22 tracks, the album features dynamic collaborations with notable names such as J. Cole, Lil Wayne, Lourdiz, Lil Uzi Vert, Skilibeng, and Future. Notably, Nicki Minaj, the "Super Bass" sensation, secures her place in history by becoming the first artist ever to have three albums top the charts in the United States – a feat she shares with none other than Rihanna.

"Pink Friday 2" has caused a stir since its release, amassing a staggering 28 million streams within the first 24 hours. The album continues to enthrall Nicki Minaj's audience, with the unexpected drop of two bonus tracks, one featuring 50 Cent and the other a collaboration with Monica and Keyshia Cole. Operating under her real name, Onika, the rapper keeps surprises in store. On Instagram, Nicki Minaj shares a video of Rihanna dancing to her track "FTCU" at the launch of the new collaboration between Fenty and Puma. In a revelation that sends shockwaves, she discloses that the complete deluxe version of her latest album "won't be released until Queen Rih sends her vocals."

This revelation sparks speculation of a forthcoming collaboration between Nicki Minaj and Rihanna, marking their third partnership since 2010, following the hits "Fly" and "Raining Men." While no official release date has been announced, fans eagerly await the return of Riri's voice, which has been notably scarce in recent times.