Jay Rock Unleashes Gritty Vibes in New Music Video "Still That Way"

TDE's Jay Rock stays true to his roots and unapologetically embraces his signature style in the latest release, "Still That Way," produced by the talented Bongo ByTheWay.

Set against the backdrop of Bongo's triumphant instrumental, the Watts native, also known as Eastside Johnny, showcases his lyrical prowess while staying committed to his gritty lifestyle. The accompanying music video takes viewers on a visual journey, featuring scenes of Eastside Johnny representing his Nickerson Gardens public housing in the heart of the desert.

In the track, Jay Rock boldly declares, "Eastside Johnny, pull up with the mob nigga, the real John Gotti," embodying his authenticity and street credibility. The lyrics delve into his journey, with lines like "Crawling from the bottom / Blood on my hands, ain't no dirt on my body / Whip big body / Spin the block, it gon' be a real big problem," as he navigates through life's challenges.

The music video complements the raw energy of the single, capturing Jay Rock and his crew in opulent suits, surrounded by strippers, and cruising in a six-wheel pick-up truck. The visuals offer a vivid portrayal of the Eastside Johnny lifestyle, creating a compelling narrative that resonates with fans.

"Still That Way" is the latest release from Jay Rock, following the success of his previous track "Blowfly," featuring Ab-Soul. Both singles are a glimpse into his highly anticipated upcoming album, appropriately titled Eastside Johnny. As Jay Rock continues to carve his path in the rap scene, "Still That Way" stands as a testament to his unwavering authenticity and musical prowess.