Jhene Aiko Celebrates Motherhood in new song "Sun/Son"

Jhene Aiko Celebrates Motherhood in Heartfelt Ode "Sun/Son" Dedicated to Baby Noah Hasani

Jhene Aiko welcomes the new year with a touching tribute to her one-year-old son, Noah Hasani, in her latest R&B track, "Sun/Son." The song beautifully captures the joys of motherhood as the artist expresses the tender and loving presence of her precious child.

This emotional piece marks a significant moment for Jhene Aiko and her partner, Big Sean, as they celebrated the arrival of Noah in November 2022. Although the artist initially teased the song on social media, it has now been officially released on various digital platforms, accompanied by a captivating piano version of the track.

"Sun/Son" stands as Jhene Aiko's first release since the uplifting single "Calm & Patient," which graced listeners in March 2023. Join the artist on this heartfelt journey celebrating the essence of motherhood and the special bond shared with her adorable son, Noah Hasani.