Kelela's Raven Unveils “HAPPY ENDING (A.G REMIX)” SINGLE

Kelela's Raven Takes Flight Again in 2024 with RAVE:N, The Remixes

One of the standout albums of 2023, Kelela's mesmerizing work, Raven, is set to undergo a thrilling transformation in 2024.

The eclectic songstress herself has revealed that a remix album titled RAVE:N, The Remixes is scheduled to make its debut on February 9th. Among the project's spotlight tracks, London-based producer A.G takes center stage by reshaping "Happy Ending" into a gritty, euphoric rendition, paying homage to the rhythm and grime subgenre. Get ready for a sonic journey as Kelela's Raven soars to new heights with this remix extravaganza.