Key Glock Unleashes Cinematic Music Video "Let's Go"

Key Glock Unleashes Cinematic Chaos in "Let's Go" Music Video Inspired by Hollywood Classics

Key Glock takes action to a whole new level in his latest music video, "Let's Go," a cinematic masterpiece reminiscent of Hollywood's iconic films. Directed by Chris Villa, the short film features Glizock and his partner-in-crime, portrayed by Power star Alix Lapri, as they embark on a thrilling journey of mayhem, mirroring the intensity of classics like John Wick, Point Break, and Belly.

The visually stunning video unfolds with a series of gripping fight scenes, daring heists, intense shootouts, high-speed chases, and more, showcasing Key Glock's dynamic artistry. "Let's Go" is a standout track from the acclaimed Glockoma (Deluxe) album, released last year. Get ready for a wild ride as Key Glock brings the action straight to your screens in this adrenaline-pumping musical experience.