Khighness Captivates with Heartfelt Performance of "Kimberly"

Khighness, hailing from the small city of Plant City, Florida, brings a unique and deeply emotional style to the music scene. Feeling like the underdog from his hometown, Khighness channels that drive into his music, creating powerful, heartbroken melodies. Starting his journey as a producer, he quickly found his voice as an artist, drawing inspiration from legends like Young Thug, Gunna, Lil Wayne, and Method Man. His versatile approach allows him to seamlessly blend singing and rapping, delivering raw and authentic performances.

In this episode of Street Barz Performance, Khighness will enchant the streets with his track, "Kimberly". This song delves into the theme of love, capturing the intricate emotions and experiences that come with it. With his upcoming EP, "Me Against the World," set to drop on June 21st, Khighness is poised to make a significant impact. Tune in to witness his soulful performance and feel the deep, emotional bars that embody the essence of Street Barz.