Lanelife Dave Brings "Living Legend" to Street Barz

Emerging from the streets of Daytona Beach, Lanelife Dave embodies the raw essence of urban storytelling. Inspired by his city's hustle and his own experiences, Dave's music reflects real-life narratives with authenticity and grit. Influenced by Rio da Yung OG, Boosie, and Frank Lini, Dave's upcoming single, "Living Legend" is a survivor's anthem that paints the picture of a life lived on the edge.

Join us on Street Barz as Lanelife Dave unleashes "Living Legend" with electrifying bars that resonate with the pulse of the city. Experience the fusion of real-life grit and lyrical mastery. Tune in to witness Dave's undeniable talent and the spirit of the street captured in every line of his performance. This is where music meets the asphalt, and legends drop their bars. Don't miss out on the vibe—only on Street Barz.