LGM Tay Unleashes His Unfiltered Bars in "Lick"

Watch LGM Tay Performing is song "Lick" for Street Barz

LGM Tay has made his mark with a unique and unapologetic style. But first, let's unravel the man behind the mic. Originating from the Norfside of Jonesboro, AR, the streets of Cedar Park have molded him into the artist he is today. In his own words, "111 gang" is the heartbeat of his hometown influence.

It all started as a kid, just vibing to the beats and spitting out other artists' lyrics. LGM Tay craved the same love for his work in return, which ignited the spark of his music journey. His musical style is the embodiment of "Real, Uncut, & Authentic," and his lyrics stand out because they are uniquely his own. There's no mistaking LGM Tay's presence in the rap game.

When asked about his musical influences, LGM Tay stays true to himself, stating that he appreciates music from various artists without singling out one particular influence. It's this open-minded approach that sets him apart from the crowd.

But what's got us all hyped up is LGM Tay's upcoming project – a brand-new video release for his single "The First" from the recently dropped tape, "Me Vs Me Pt 2." If his track record is any indication, this is something you won't want to miss.

As for the performance you're about to witness on Street Barz, LGM Tay is here to deliver the heat with "Lick." This song is all about giving you a taste of where he's from, the mindset of the people, and a stern reminder that the road to success won't be a cakewalk – you better bring your A-game.


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