Lil Baby Returns with Visuals for "Crazy" (Video)

Lil Baby Returns with Mesmerizing Visuals for Hit Track "Crazy" in Scenic France

In a captivating move, Lil Baby revisits the chart-topping track "Crazy" and unveils an enchanting music video shot in the picturesque landscapes of France. Helmed by director Daps, the video spotlights the Atlanta rapper as he navigates the streets of France, delving into his personal journey, triumphs, and the myriad experiences that shape his narrative.

This latest release follows Lil Baby's December drop of "Crazy," accompanied by its compelling B-Side, "350." These tracks emerged on the heels of the rapper's noteworthy collaboration on French Montana's latest single, "Okay." Immerse yourself in the immersive visuals and lyrical prowess as Lil Baby takes center stage once again, blending his distinctive style with the scenic beauty of France.