Luh Zi Lights Up the Streets with "Outta State"

Watch Luh Zi perform Outta State

Welcome to another electrifying episode of Street Barz Performance! Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to Augusta, Georgia's very own Luh Zi.

Luh Zi's journey into music began with an innate ear for rhythm, drawing inspiration from the streets of his hometown. His style? A fusion of hip-hop and drill, where each lyric tells a raw, authentic story.

Influenced by legends like Bankroll Fresh and Gucci Mane, Luh Zi brings a unique flavor to the rap game. His latest track, "Outta State," reflects his journey and ambition as he pops his dreams into reality.

But what truly sets Luh Zi apart is his authenticity. With a mission to fulfill, he steps onto the Street Barz stage, commanding attention one bar at a time.

Stay tuned for a performance that'll leave you wanting more. This is Street Barz, and this is Luh Zi bringing the bars to the streets.