Lyrical Lemonade Unveils: Jack Harlow & Dave Team Up on New Video, 'Stop Giving Me Advice'

In a stunning display of multi-media prowess, Lyrical Lemonade brings together two formidable talents, Jack Harlow and Dave, for their latest single, "Stop Giving Me Advice."

Under the expert guidance of Lyrical Lemonade's visionary director, Cole Bennett, the accompanying black-and-white music video, infused with a distinctive yellow filter, showcases Jack and Dave as they proudly recount their journeys through urban landscapes and serene countrysides.

"Stop Giving Me Advice" follows in the footsteps of Lyrical Lemonade's previous hit, "Guitar In My Room," featuring heavyweights Lil Durk and Kid Cudi. Just last month, Jack Harlow achieved an impressive milestone, securing his third No. 1 single with the chart-topping track, "Lovin On Me."

This latest collaboration not only showcases the artistic synergy between Jack Harlow and Dave but also reinforces Lyrical Lemonade's commitment to delivering cutting-edge musical experiences. As the company continues to push creative boundaries, "Stop Giving Me Advice" stands as a testament to the undeniable talent brought together under the banner of Lyrical Lemonade.