Lythy Love Presents "Drive the Boat"

Lythy Love brings her dynamic energy and lyrical prowess to the streets of Street Barz. Hailing from New York, Lythy discovered her passion for music early on, drawing inspiration from her mother's singing and her own natural creativity. Transitioning from writing songs to crafting her own unique bars, Lythy developed a versatile style that blends intricate wordplay with infectious melodies. With influences ranging from Nicki Minaj to her own life experiences, Lythy Love stands out as a rising artist unafraid to explore diverse themes and beats.

In her electrifying performance on Street Barz, Lythy Love will showcase her latest single "Drive the Boat". This track encapsulates the thrill of a carefree encounter, highlighting the exhilaration and fun of a fleeting romance. With her crisp delivery and captivating flow, Lythy brings listeners into a world where spontaneity meets passion, making "Drive the Boat" a must-hear for urban music enthusiasts craving fresh, relatable vibes. Tune in as Lythy Love lights up the streets with her infectious energy and undeniable talent