MNMTOXIC Takes the Mic for 'Notion'

Watch MNMTOXIC performing "Notion" for Street Barz:

MNMTOXIC isn't just a moniker; it's a testament to self-reliance. Born from the wisdom of a street-savvy uncle who preached the importance of "your mom and your money," MNMTOXIC emerged as a fusion of "MNM" (Mom and Money) and "Memories." In the concrete jungle of South Bronx, New York City, MNMTOXIC found inspiration for lyrics that resonate—stories that everyone, from the pavement to the penthouse, can connect with.

South Bronx, a place with stories etched in every alley, has left an indelible mark on MNMTOXIC's music. It's the heartbeat of his lyrics, a reminder that everyone's got a tale to tell—be it the struggle or the triumph. From the shadows of the city that never sleeps, MNMTOXIC draws a unique strength that pulses through his beats.

Poetry paved the way in middle school, a precursor to the beats and rhymes that would follow. Crafting verses that seamlessly blend aggression with storytelling, MNMTOXIC's style is a journey through the alleys of his mind, sometimes aggressive, always authentic.

In the symphony of influences, icons like Michael Jackson, Lil Wayne, Lil Uzi Vert, Juice WRLD, and XXXTENTACION stand tall. Their ability to weave personal narratives into music fueled MNMTOXIC's passion, offering a spectrum of emotions—life, happiness, anger, and sadness—all distilled into what he calls "toxic."

As we hit the streets with MNMTOXIC, keep an ear out for his performance of the track "Notion." It's a glimpse into the male psyche, challenging stereotypes and unraveling the layers of expectation placed on men. The theme echoes the belief that emotions know no gender, a notion that MNMTOXIC unapologetically lays bare.

What sets MNMTOXIC apart is his refusal to conform. "Being different is what I’m good at, and what makes me, me," he declares. It's a promise that every performance is a surprise—a journey into the unknown of his craft.

Beyond the mic and the beats, MNMTOXIC finds balance in his life through listening to music, bowling, playing video games, and pushing the boundaries of his comfort zone. It's these elements that shape the artist and infuse his work with a diverse and authentic energy.

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