Nicki Minaj Declines Kanye West's Request to Clear Verse on 'New Body'

In a surprising turn of events, rap sensation Nicki Minaj has turned down Kanye West's request to clear her verse on the unreleased track 'New Body.' The song, originally part of Kanye's shelved 'Yandhi' album, underwent multiple revisions in true Kanye fashion before resurfacing on the updated version of 'Jesus is King,' featuring sanitized lyrics. The full track leaked in 2019, and, unexpectedly, the music video emerged online in October of this year.

The anticipation for Kanye and Ty Dolla Sign's latest album, 'Vultures,' reached a fever pitch when the tracklist was unveiled earlier this week. Fans were taken aback to find 'New Body' included, sparking curiosity about the collaboration's journey. Kanye went public with his attempt to secure Nicki Minaj's approval for the verse, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the album's impending release.

As the clock struck midnight on the scheduled Thursday drop for 'Vultures,' fans familiar with Kanye's track record of punctuality were hardly surprised by the delay. Adding to the mystery, the pre-order page mysteriously vanished on the same day.

In an Instagram Live session on Thursday night (Dec 14), Nicki Minaj addressed the ongoing saga when fans raised the topic in the comments. She candidly stated her reluctance to release the song, emphasizing that the proverbial "train has left the station."

"Now regarding Kanye, chile, that train has left the station," she remarked. "Okay, no disrespect in any way. I just put out a brand-new album. Why would I put out a song that's been out for three years? C'mon, guys." Nicki's response sheds light on her commitment to fresh content and artistic evolution.

The unexpected twist in the 'New Body' saga adds another layer to the dynamic between these two powerhouse artists, leaving fans eager to uncover the untold stories behind their collaborations.