Ninisha's Street Barz Performance with the Powerful 'Flowers'

Watch Ninisha performing her song "Flowers" for Street Barz

Ninisha, a name echoing both on the streets and in the studio, introduces herself authentically - "This is me. I'm me. Ninisha."

Born and raised in vibrant Miami, Ninisha's journey is deeply intertwined with the rhythm of the streets, making her music a true reflection of her roots.

How did Ninisha find her way into music? It started during a dark period in her life, transforming writing into something more. Soon, she found herself in the studio, recording her first track, "yummy yummy," a shocker to those who knew her personally.

Versatility is the name of Ninisha's game. Her musical style mirrors her dynamic personality – raw, uncut, mysterious, yet sweet. Influences include Nicki Minaj, JayZ, Doja Cat, Kendrick Lamar, all celebrated for their authenticity.

What sets Ninisha apart? Her versatility. Never one to stick to the same lyrical patterns, she keeps her audience on their toes, staying true to herself.

What keeps her going? Family. Motivated by a desire to give her loved ones better life experiences, Ninisha is unwavering in her pursuit of success.

Beyond the mic and studio, Ninisha is just like any other dream-chaser. An independent artist pouring every penny into her music, she finds inspiration in life's struggles.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for – Ninisha is set to perform her deeply personal track, "Flowers." Born from the ashes of a tough life experience, "Flowers" explores her relationship with God and the universe.

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