Playboi Carti's Speeding Scandal Unveiled: Caught Racing at 130 MPH in New Arrest Incident

Playboi Carti faced a second arrest in 2022 that has only recently come to light. A video surfaced this week on the YouTube channel "Raq Rarest" (published on Jan. 9), exposing the incident where the rapper, known for his album Whole Lotta Red, was apprehended for speeding at a staggering 130 MPH.

The 50-minute video captures the police pulling over Carti and their subsequent conversation. Instructed to turn off the engine and place his hands on the window, the Atlanta artist defended himself, claiming, "I'm rushing because I had an emergency." However, the officer sternly pointed out that he was driving at 133 miles per hour in a 55-mile-per-hour zone. Despite Carti's explanation of a family emergency, the officer remained unconvinced, leading to Carti's arrest. The entire encounter can be seen in the video below.

This incident marks the first time the world has become aware of Playboi Carti's arrest. Prior to this revelation, the rapper had a single documented arrest, which occurred three months later. The previous arrest was linked to an altercation with his then-pregnant girlfriend, accusing Carti of choking her and pushing her into bushes during an argument. Carti's attorney vehemently denied the allegations, stating, "Mr. Carter was falsely accused," and assuring that the case would be dismissed without prosecution or litigation after discussions with the Fulton County District Attorney's Office.

Despite legal troubles, Playboi Carti continues to generate excitement among fans for his upcoming music releases. In December, he teased his audience with the track "2024," accompanied by a music video. Adding to the anticipation, this month, he dropped "Backr00ms," a collaboration with the renowned artist Travis Scott. Watch the video for "Backr00ms" below, as Carti remains in the spotlight for both his legal issues and his musical endeavors.