Poix Unleashes 'Pot Pie': A Raw Performance

Meet Poix, an emerging voice in the urban music scene, originally known as TM Slim. Hailing from North Miami, Poix brings a fresh perspective to hip-hop, blending elements of his hometown's culture with his own unique style. His journey into music began organically, finding solace and purpose in rap after a sports injury shifted his focus from basketball dreams to lyrical aspirations. Poix's music resonates with authenticity, drawing inspiration from artists like Drake, Charlie Wilson, Fridayy, and Future. His sound is a fusion of old soulful vibes with a modern twist, delivering lyrics that speak to life's highs and lows while embodying the essence of non-marginalized hip-hop.

In this Street Barz performance, Poix unveils "Pot Pie," a track that encapsulates his artistic evolution and personal triumphs. With "Pot Pie," Poix reflects on his career trajectory, celebrating the sense of direction he's discovered along the way. The song serves as both a confidence booster and a reminder of his journey, filled with uplifting vibes and infectious rhythms. Through "Pot Pie," Poix invites listeners to join him on his path, embracing the growth and empowerment that comes with staying true to oneself in the face of challenges. This performance promises to be a captivating blend of introspection and optimism, delivered with Poix's signature style and undeniable charisma.