Ryan Leslie Makes a Comeback with "You Know My Speed" Album

After a hiatus of nearly nine years since his last album, 2015’s MZRT, Ryan Leslie has made a triumphant return with his sixth studio album, "You Know My Speed".

Featuring ten tracks, the album showcases Leslie's signature style and musical prowess, with him taking on the role of producer for the majority of the songs. The project includes standout tracks like "Falling Hard" and "This Love Thing," which serve as anchors for the album's overall vibe.

Although Leslie stands at the forefront of this musical journey, he's joined by Bobby V on the album's closing track, "Sounds." Their collaboration adds a dynamic touch to the project, demonstrating Leslie's ability to curate compelling musical experiences.

Excitement surrounding the album's release has been further fueled by the announcement of a European tour in support of the album. The tour is set to commence on March 21, 2024, with the first show taking place at London’s O2 Academy. Fans across Europe eagerly anticipate experiencing the electrifying energy of Leslie's live performances.

For those eager to dive into Leslie's latest musical offering, "You Know My Speed" is available for streaming below. Immerse yourself in the soundscape crafted by one of R&B's most innovative artists.