Saweetie Unveils "Richtivities" (Video)

Saweetie Unveils New Single "Richtivities" and Returns to Her Signature Style

Saweetie is back in the spotlight with her latest single, "Richtivities", marking a return to her iconic persona.

In the vibrant visualizer accompanying the track, the Icy chick showcases her opulence and lavish lifestyle at a stunning mansion. From arriving in a Rolls Royce to capturing moments in the mansion's elevator, indulging in tea time, and even riding her majestic white horse, Saweetie exudes luxury and confidence.

This release comes as a follow-up to last year's hits "Shot O'Clock" and "Birthday", featuring YG and Tyga respectively. Additionally, in celebration of the NFL playoffs, Saweetie and P-Lo dropped "Do It For The Bay", a spirited anthem for the 49ers.

Fans can anticipate Saweetie's debut album, Pretty Bitch Music, which is set to release soon, promising more of her signature style and captivating music.