Street Barz Spotlight: Q10's Explosive 'Celebration' Performance

Watch Q10's performing: 'Celebration' for Street Barz

In this episode, we're about to set the scene on fire as Q10 steps up to the mic in a way that'll redefine the very essence of 'bars' in the hip-hop dictionary.

Q10, whose stage name is a blend of the lucky number "10" and her nickname "Quitta," hails from Miami, but Broward County has shaped her inimitable style. She's a proud Floridian, and her music exudes that unique Florida flow. She's been into music since she was just 9, using her lyrics to channel her emotions and experiences from a challenging childhood.

Her musical style is pure energy, a real treat for stoners and players alike. The influence of Florida legends like Kodak, Von, and Dej Loaf resonates in her music, paying homage to the waves and clever storytelling that these artists brought to the scene.

What sets Q10 apart is her boundless energy. In a game where artists often take a laid-back approach, she's always turned up and ready to put a smile on your face with her performances.

But it's not just the music that keeps Q10 motivated. It's the support and inspiration she draws from her family, especially her nephew and sister, Bear and Yana. They look up to her, and they're the first to hear her new releases.

Beyond her music, Q10 finds solace in fishing and the art of tattooing. These hobbies shape her unique perspective as an artist.

And what's the performance that's about to set the streets on fire? It's the track "Celebration" living up to its name by being all about throwing it down and getting that money.

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