Wiz Khalifa Elevates to New Heights with Latest Single, "Up The Ladder"

In a remarkable musical ascent, Wiz Khalifa embraces higher realms with his latest single, "Up The Ladder". The track, skillfully produced by Big Jerm and Lnk, serves as a sonic journey where Wiz not only indulges in the therapeutic act of smoking but also revels in the sweet taste of success.

"Up The Ladder" is a tantalizing glimpse into Wiz Khalifa's upcoming mixtape, titled Decisions, set to release on Friday, December 1st. This anticipated project marks Wiz's third mixtape of the year, following the earlier releases of Khali Sober in October and See Ya in June.

Prepare for a musical odyssey as Wiz Khalifa takes you on a journey through the highs of life with his latest single, "Up The Ladder", a precursor to the much-awaited mixtape, Decisions.